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Re-Setting Trials for Domestic and Civil Cases

The Benton and Franklin Counties Case Managers are working diligently to address the back log of Domestic and Civil cases as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


In an effort to create an efficient workflow, the backlog of Domestic and Civil cases has been split into 3 categories as follows:


Trials Scheduled PRIOR to March 20, 2020


Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Benton and Franklin Counties had a large volume of cases that had already been scheduled for trial or were working through the deadlines of their Case Schedule Order.  These Domestic and Civil cases will be given priority of a trial setting over the cases filed March 20, 2020 forward.  We are asking litigants to complete a Certificate of Trial Readiness, file with the Clerk of the Court and email to Court Administration.  The Certificate of Trial Readiness will facilitate Court Administration in appropriately getting the case back on track. 


To re-schedule your trial, please use the below Certificate of Readiness forms:  

DOMESTIC CASES - Certificate of Readiness
Certificate of Readiness DOMESTIC.doc
Microsoft Word document [38.5 KB]
CIVIL CASES - Certificate of Readiness
Certificate of Readiness CIVIL.doc
Microsoft Word document [38.5 KB]

Please email a copy of your Certificate of Readiness for  DOMESTIC CASES to the Domestic Case Manager.


Please email a copy of your Certificate of Readiness for CIVIL CASES to the Civil Case Manager.





Blank Case Schedule Orders


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, newly filed Domestic and Civil cases that were filed March 23, 2020 through May 7, 2021 had been receiving a Case Schedule Order with blank dates.These blank Case Schedule Orders served as a place holder for when the court was able to re-set dates governed by the Case Schedule Order.The Case Managers are currently working through all the Domestic and Civil cases that received blank Case Schedule Orders to prepare, file and send out Amended Case Schedule Orders.This is a very lengthy process and we ask that everyone be patient as we work through this process.




Newly Filed Cases


Starting on May 10, 2021, newly filed Domestic and Civil cases started receiving Case Schedule Orders with actual dates.The pre-set trial date is scheduled further out than usual.  Civil cases will receive a trial date scheduled 18 months out from filing, rather than the usual 12 months.Domestic cases will receive a trial date scheduled 15 months out from filing, rather than the usual 9 months.  We have extended the trial dates on newly filed cases to allow for us to start re-scheduling the backlog of cases that had been receiving blank Case Schedule Orders for the past year. 

Court's Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

En respuesta a la nueva pandemia de coronavirus (o COVID-19), nuestros servicios estaran limitados

Click HERE for the latest information concerning the Court's response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Superior Court bench has made several amendments and additions to the Superior Court Local Court Rules  We encourage all to review and provide comments and/or feedback to the bench's anticipated amendements and additions via email to Tiffany Deaton  no later than June 28, 2021 at 5:00pm.

DRAFT 2021 Superior Court Local Court Rules - Updated 5/28/2021
DRAFT 2021 Local Court Rules 5.21.2021 -[...]
Microsoft Word document [926.0 KB]

Ex Parte

Important Notice

 Click HERE for a description of the Ex Parte process.

Holiday Schedule

The Courts will be closed for Independence Day on Monday, July 5, 2021. 



Please refer to the Court Holiday Schedule to see changes to regular calendar.


Arbitrator Eligibility

Important Notice

Click HERE for information and attestation form.

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