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Mandatory Arbitration

All civil actions, except for appeals from municipal or district courts, where the sole relief sought is a money  judgment, and where no party asserts a claim in excess of fifty thousand dollars, is subject to mandatory arbitration.

Mandatory Arbitration procedures and rules are set forth in RCW Chapter 7.06, Superior Court Mandatory Arbitration Rules and Local Mandatory Arbitration Rules.

Arbitrator Eligibility

RCW 7.06.040 was amended changing eligibility requirements for arbitrators under the mandatory arbitration process.  In pertinent part, it states:


"(2)(a) A person may not serve as an arbitrator unless the person has completed a minimum of three credits of Washington state bar association approved continuing legal education credits on the professional and ethical consideration for serving as an arbitrator. A person serving as an arbitrator must file a declaration or affidavit stating or certifying to the appointing court that the person is in compliance with this section.


"(b) The superior court judge or judges in any county may choose to waive the requirements of this subsection (2) for arbitrators who have acted as an arbitrator five or more times previously."


In order to continue to serve as an arbitrator, you must certify that you either are presently eligible, or that you are requesting waiver of the continuing education requirement.  In order to do so, you must complete and sign the Benton Franklin Counties Superior Court Arbitrator Attestation of Eligibility To Serve as an Arbitrator Under RCW 7.06.040 form.  You can find it below.  The amendment to RCW 7.06.040 becomes effective on September 1, 2018.  You will not be allowed to serve as an arbitrator after that date until your eligibility has been established.


Application to Become an Arbitrator
Application to Become an Arbitrator.doc
Microsoft Word document [39.5 KB]
Statement of Arbitrability
Statement of Arbitrability.DOC
DOC File [27.5 KB]
Response to Statement of Arbitrability/Note for Motion Docket
Response to Statement of ArbitrabilityNo[...]
Microsoft Word document [25.0 KB]
Arbitrator's Request for Compensation
Arbitrators Request for Compensation.doc
Microsoft Word document [58.0 KB]
Arbitrator Eligibility Attestation of Eligibility to Serve as an Arbitrator Under RCW 7.06.040
Arbitrator Attestation.docx
Microsoft Word document [23.4 KB]

Ex Parte

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 Click HERE for a description of the Ex Parte process.

Arbitrator Eligibility

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