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Various Types of Protection Orders

There are various types of protection orders available depending on the circumstances.  The requirements for each order is controlled by a different statute. Domestic Violence Protection Orders are authorized under RCW Chapter 26.50.  Anti-Harassment Orders may be obtained under RCW Chapter 10.14. Stalking Orders are controlled by RCW Chapter 7.92.  Extreme Risk Protection Orders are avaialble under RCW Chapter 7.94.


Restraining Orders protecting parties and property interests in domestic cases are authorized under RCW Chapter 26.09 and RCW Chapter 26.26.  Sexual Assault Proection Orders are available under RCW Chapter 7.90.  Protection for Vunerable Adults can be obtained under RCW Chapter 74.34.  In criminal cases, no-contact orders may be entered pursuant to RCW Chapter 10.97.  Extreme Risk protections order under RCW Chapter 7.94 are available as well.

Protection Order Forms

Click below to access mandatory forms from the Washington Administrator of the Courts.


Domestic Violence Protection Forms


Anti-Harassment Forms


Stalking Order Forms


Restraining Orders for Married Parties


Restraining Orders for Unmarried Parties


Sexual Assault Protection Forms


Vunerable Adults Protection Forms


Extreme Risk Protection Orders


Additional information, including filing instructions are available on the Benton County Clerk's and Franklin County Clerk's websites.

WashingtonLawHelp Interactive Protection Order Website

Click below to access the WashingtonLawHelp interactive potection order website, that includes forms and instructions.

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Ex Parte

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Arbitrator Eligibility

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