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restorative community service program (rcsp) is doing something positive for your community.  It can be very difficult to go back to the community where you committed the crime.  You may not feel a part of the community, but you are.  The community wants you as a positive member and wants you to “make right” any wrongs you have done.  You can earn a positive place in the community by doing positive community service.  It will help connect you with the community in a good way.



To participate in RCSP, youth and parent:


1. Must fill out and sign the RCSP packet.

2. Then you can either print completed packet and turn into the work crew staff at Juvenile Justice Center or you can use “SUBMIT” button to email packet to the designated Juvenile Justice Center staff.

3. Once your RCSP packed is received, a work crew staff will contact you and your parent(s)/guardian to review packet.


By signing the forms youth and parent(s) agree and acknowledge the terms and conditions of the Restorative Community Services Program (RCSP).

Restorative Community Service Program Packet-English
Fill out form to complete community service hours through work crew program.
PROB RCSP Fillable Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

Para participar en RCSP, el joven y padre(s):


1.  Tienen que completar y firmar el paquete de RCSP.

2.  Luego pueden ya sea imprimir el paquete completado y entregarlo al

personal de la cuadrilla de trabajo en el Juvenile Justice Center o pueden enviarlo por correo electrónico al miembro del personal de cuadrilla de trabajo asignado en el correo electrónico.

3.   Una vez que se reciba el paquete de RCSP un miembro del personal de

la cuadrilla de trabajo se comunicara contigo y tus padres para repasar el paquete.


Por medio de firmar los formularios, el joven y sus padres aceptan y confirman que entienden los términos y condiciones del Programa de Servicio Comunitario Restaurativo (RCSP).

Restorative Community Service Program Packet-Spanish
Llene el formulario para completar las horas de servicio comunitario por medio del programa de cuadrilla de trabajo.
PROB RCSP Fillable Form-Spanish.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

July 21, 2021

Superior Court Statement On Gradual Transition To In Person Appearances In Court

The Superior Court has indicated in its most recent masking order that in criminal proceedings there is a general presumption of personal appearance.  Specifying a presumption in criminal matters is necessary to recognize the unique requirements of identity and presence for some criminal hearings.  While the Court wants parties and counsel to start moving more toward in person appearances generally as we re-open, we recognize that this is a process that takes time, and that the Supreme Court’s Emergency Orders are still in effect allowing remote appearances where appropriate.  Some counsel and/or their families have health concerns that make it appropriate to continue to appear remotely, as do some litigants.  If Counsel, or a party has a reason to continue to appear remotely on any docket, and does not wish to state it on the record, they may contact Court Administration so that it can be communicated to the bench.

Court's Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

En respuesta a la nueva pandemia de coronavirus (o COVID-19), nuestros servicios estaran limitados

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Effective September 1, 2021 - 2021 Superior Court

Local Court Rules  

2021 Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court Local Court Rules
2021 Benton Franklin Counties Local Cou[...]
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The Courts will be closed for Independence Day on Monday, July 5, 2021. 



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