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Current Local Rules

PDF Download of All Local Rules Effective 9/01/2020
2020 Local Court Rules.pdf
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Local General Rules (LGR)

Administrative Presiding Judge and Assistant Administrative Presiding Judge


Paperless Court - Rescinded, Effective 4/23/2020

LGR 4 Torrens Act

Local Civil Rules (LCR)
LCR 4 Civil Case Schedule
LCR 4.1 Cancellation or Confirmation of Status Conference
LCR 4.2 Status Conference; Noncompliance Hearing
LCR 5 Briefs
LCR 7 Pleadings Allowed; Form of Motions
LCR 16 Pre-Trial Procedure
LCR 40 Assignment of Cases
LCR 42 Consolidation; Separate Trials
LCR 47 Jurors
LCR 48 Juries of Less Than Twelve
LCR 51 Instructions to Jury and Deliberation
LCR 52 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
LCR 53.2 Court Commissioners
LCR 56 Summary Judgment
LCR 58 Entry of Judgment
LCR 59 New Trial, Reconsideration, and Amendments of Judgments
LCR 64 Seizure of Person or Property
LCR 65 Injunctions
LCR 77 Superior Courts and Judicial Officers
LCR 79 Books and Records Kept by the Clerk
LCR 81 Applicability in General

Local Domestic Relation Rules
LCR 94.04W Domestic Relations
LCR 94.05W Mandatory Parenting Seminars
LCR 94.06W Mandatory Mediation of Child Placement and Visitation Issues
LCR 94.07W Domestic Relations Motions
LCR 95.00W Domestic Relations Waiver of Age to Marry
LCR 96.00W Change of Name of Stepchild

Local Special Proceedings Rules (LSPR)
LSPR 98.18 Court-Created Trusts
LSPR 98.20 Estates-Guardianships

Local Guardian Ad Litem Rules (LGAL)
LGAL 1 Scope
LGAL 2 Registry Administration
LGAL 5 Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem
LGAL 7 Grievance Procedure

Local Mandatory Arbitration Rules (LMAR)
LMAR 1.1 Application of Rules
LMAR 1.2 Matters Subject to Arbitration
LMAR 2.1 Transfer to Arbitration
LMAR 2.3 Assignment to Arbitrator
LMAR 3.1 Qualification of Arbitrators
LMAR 3.2 Authority of Arbitrators
LMAR 4.2 Discovery
LMAR 4.4 Notice of Settlement
LMAR 5.1 Notice of Hearing
LMAR 5.2 Pre-Hearing Statement of Proof - Document Filed with Court
LMAR 6.1 Form and Content of Award
LMAR 6.2 Filing of Award
LMAR 7.1 Trial De Novo
LMAR 8.3 Effective Date
LMAR 8.4 Title and Citation
LMAR 8.6 Compensation of Arbitrator
LMAR 8.7 Administration

Local Criminal Rules (LCrR)
LCrR 2.3 Review of Sealed Affidavits and Search Warrants
LCrR 3.1 Rights to and Assignment of Counsel
LCrR 3.2 Release of Accused
LCrR 3.4 Court Appearance of Defendants
LCrR 4.2 Pleas and Continuances
LCrR 4.5 Omnibus Hearings
LCrR 4.9 Pre-Trial Hearings
LCrR 4.11 Trial Confirmation
LCrR 7.1 Procedure Before Sentencing
LCrR 7.2 Sentencing



August 23, 2021

Superior Court Statement On Appearances In Court In Light of Governor's Order to Mask

The Superior Court is withdrawing this prior general presumption of personal appearance at hearings to address concerns regarding the Delta variant of Covid-19.  The Court’s order can be found HERE.  In light of the Governor’s Order that all individuals who enter buildings wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, it is appropriate for individuals who can appear remotely to do so if they wish.  The Courtrooms remain open to the public with capacity limits and the requirement of masking for all.  In some criminal matters it is necessary to require the presence the Defendant or Respondent.. Those who wish the opportunity to appear remotely via WebEx must ensure that their connection is sufficient to be heard and/or seen, and that their appearance and behavior during a hearing is appropriate for the Courtroom.

Court's Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

En respuesta a la nueva pandemia de coronavirus (o COVID-19), nuestros servicios estaran limitados

Click HERE for the latest information concerning the Court's response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Effective September 1, 2021 - 2021 Superior Court

Local Court Rules  

2021 Benton & Franklin Counties Superior Court Local Court Rules
2021 Benton Franklin Counties Local Cou[...]
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Ex Parte

Important Notice

 Click HERE for a description of the Ex Parte process.

Holiday Schedule

The Courts will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 6, 2021. 



Please refer to the Court Holiday Schedule to see changes to regular calendar.


Arbitrator Eligibility

Important Notice

Click HERE for information and attestation form.

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