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Appearing by Telephone

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telephonic appearances are encouraged.  At the time of your hearing, you should call into the Courtroom assigned to your case.  Please mute your telephone and remain on the line until your case is called.  The telephone number, meeting number and access code for each courtroom is below.


If your telephone plays music while on hold, do not place the call on hold unless you disable that feature.


In addition, do not conference with your clients or the opposing party before you call the conference number.  All participants must separately call the conferencing numbers.  Otherwise, sound quality is greatly diminished.






Benton Courtroom A


Dial:  509-222-2310

Meeting No:  3228 #

Access Code:  3228 #


Benton Courtroom B


Dial:  509-222-2310

Meeting No:  3234 #

Access Code:  3234 #


Benton Courtroom C


Dial:  509-222-2310

Meeting No:  3233 #

Access Code:  3233 #


Benton Courtroom D


Dial:  509-222-2310

Meeting No:  3237 #

Access Code:  3237 #


Benton Courtroom E


Dial:  509-222-2310

Meeting No:  3191 #

Access Code:  3191 #


Benton Courtroom F


Dial:  509-222-2310

Meeting No:  3193 #

Access Code:  3193 #


Franklin Courtroom #1


Dial:  509-545-3555

Meeting No:  3845 #

Access Code:  3555 #



Franklin Courtroom #2


Dial:  509-545-3555

Meeting No:  3844 #

Access Code:  3555 #



Franklin Courtroom #3

Dial:  509-545-3555

Meeting No:  2993 #

Access Code:  3555 #



Motion, Declaration and Order to Appear by Telephone
Fill out both forms as instructed.
2.12.20 Motion Declaration Order Write i[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [135.3 KB]
Motion, Declaration, and Order to Appear by Telephone
Word documents to be typed by requester.
2.12.20 Motion Declaration Order Type in[...]
Microsoft Word document [49.5 KB]

Court's Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

En respuesta a la nueva pandemia de coronavirus (o COVID-19), nuestros servicios estaran limitados

Click HERE for the latest information concerning the Court's response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

LOCAL COURT RULES - See Below Proposed Changes.  Please submit any questions or concerns to Tiffany Deaton.

DRAFT of Proposed Changes to Superior Court Local Court Rules
DRAFT 2020 Local Court Rules.doc
Microsoft Word document [675.0 KB]
DRAFT of Proposed changes to Superior Court Domestic Local Court Rules
Microsoft Word document [101.6 KB]

Benton Franklin Counties Superior Court no longer appoints a Civil Presiding Judge.  Please refer to the Daily Schedule for the judge assigned to the individual Civil Dockets.

Ex Parte

Important Notice

 Click HERE for a description of the Ex Parte process.

Arbitrator Eligibility

Important Notice

Click HERE for information and attestation form.

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Holiday Schedule

The Courts will be closed for  Memorial Day on Monday, May 25, 2020.


Please refer to the Court Holiday Schedule to see changes to regular calendar.


Due to the rapidly changing nature of the Court’s information on the internet pages, the Benton and Franklin Counties Superior Courts cannot insure 100% accuracy.  The data and links are provided for informational purposes only and may not have been updated on the date you view it.  The Courts assume no liability for any legal consequences arising out of any information on these pages.

Civil Presiding Judge

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