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Submission of Final Reports







1.  Upon the death of an individual subject to conservatorship, the conservator shall file a final report and petition for discharge on approval by the court of the final report within 90 days of the date of death.  


2. The guardian shall file his/her final report and accounting within 90 days of the termination of guardianship/conservatorship.   The final report shall consist of:

  •  Guardian/Conservator's Report
  • Motion to Approve Guardian/Conservator's Report
  • (Proposed) Order Approving Guardian/Conservator's Report 

***Please note: the same forms used for periodic reporting are now used for FINAL REPORTS.


3.  Upon filing the final report and accounting, the guardian/conservatorship  shall file a Notice of Hearing at least 30 days out to provide the Guardianship Monitoring Program (GMP) time to complete an audit.  **The GMP MUST BE PROVIDED bench copies of all documents filed.


4.  It will be the responsibility of the guardian to provide notice of the hearing date and final accounting to all parties requiring notice.  Proof of service must be filed with the court.


5.  The guardian must file a Declaration of Service for each interested party notified. Satisfactory notice would be 10 days prior to the hearing (add 3 days for mailing).


6.  Interested parties may file objections to the final report and accounting with the Clerk and copies submitted to the GMP or present them to the Court on the date of hearing.


7.  If no objection is made and the Court deems appropriate (audit must be completed through the GMP), the Order Approving Guardian’s Report should be approved. If objections are made, the Court will determine the complexity of the issue objected to at the time of the hearing. If the matter can be resolved by argument to the Court in 10 minutes or less, the Court will settle the account at the time of the hearing.If a more extensive hearing is required, such as one requiring oral testimony, the case will be referred to Court Administration for scheduling with notice given to the GMP.


8.  If appropriate, the following may be filed and  bench copies provided to the GMP prior to the hearing for approval of guardian/conservator's final account.   


  • Motion for Order Closing Guardianship/Conservatorship and Discharging Guardian/Conservator
  • (Proposed) Order Closing Guardianship/Conservatorship and Discharging Guardian/Conservator



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